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Beginner Self Defense Classes Enrolling In May

At American Martial Arts Center, we know that every student will have different strengths and weaknesses. Our job is to teach the student a wide variety of techniques so that you can be comfortable in any situation and then let you decide what works best at that time.

Our Self Defense classes for Cambridge and Belmont incorporate various Martial Arts techniques like striking, grappling, trapping/clinch, submissions, throws/takedowns, and weapons training.

Get Fit And Go Home Safe With Self Defense Classes For Cambridge & Belmont!

Unlike most systems that simply teach the same things that have been handed down for hundreds of years, the techniques in Self Defense classes at American Martial Arts Center are proven or discarded. Anything that doesn't work in the ring or in a street situation will not be taught here.

Additionally, we only train with weapons that can be carried on your person. We use the delivery system of Filipino Kali and Eskrima. The Filipino's have been training with weapons for centuries! They specialize in stick and knife fighting and are probably the most dangerous fighters in that range.

The beauty of the Filipino system is that once you've mastered them everything can be used as a weapon! If you can swing a stick you can use a car antenna, backpack, briefcase, umbrella, etc. If you're trained with a knife you can use a broken bottle, ballpoint pen, credit card, key, or anything else that has a point or sharp edge. This type of training is perfect self-defense when other weapons are not available like in an office or on an airplane!

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At A.M.A.C. we will constantly bring modern, cutting edge training methods to each session. We encompass all the ranges of combat (kicking, punching, clinch, grappling as well as weapons)to give our students the edge that they may need for self-defense or in the ring! To take advantage of this world-class self defense training, all you have to do is fill out the short form on the side of this page!


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